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Upgrading firmware: In this guide we will upgrade the firmware of your printer. Step 3 Upgrading the firmware. Image 1/1: Launch the If you don't see your printer on the left, hit this button and wait around 2 seconds. Hit Update! button. Important: The latest firmware is version 2.3.02. For instructions on how to update the firmware, please select the method you would like to use in the table. Wismec TC Software for Upgrading Reuleaux RX2/3. Firmware V4.13 series, designed by JayBo, features the replaceable back cover for two or three cells.

Wismec TC Software for Upgrading Reuleaux RX2/3. This TC Software update includes enhancements and improvements for your Reuleaux RX2/3. Sept 23rd. Apr 9, 2017 Wismec Reuleaux RX 2 3 update. Here we gonna learn how to update our vaping mods with the newest firmware, we can get all the cool.

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